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Urban Regeneration

Over the past two years, MANUAL has systematized information, developed skills and accomplished work to gather expertise and enable its structure to operate in urban regeneration processes which progressively tend to assume dominant importance in urban policies and in the real estate market.

The crisis of the extensive planning model, based on new building, the need to revitalize and regenerate the centers and the peripheries of our cities and towns, the need to recover and convert old industrial, port and shopping facilities, and the European targets on sustainability and energy efficiency offer the prospect of the development of urban regeneration and rehabilitation market, a market that requires expertise, innovation and skilled technical resources.

This is our business goal.

Work in Progress:

- Benchmarking study, Establishment of an Urban Rehabilitation Cluster in Ribatejo - NERSANT | 2014 | See Work

- Creation of an Assets Fund for Urban Rehabilitation - NERSANT | 2014



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